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Anonymous: do you have stretch marks and where are they

Inner thighs outer thighs

Anonymous: r u a real nigga? do u keep ur read receipts on?

My read receipts are on 24/7 I’m not scared

Anonymous: For some reason I see JC caylen being your type and I could see you guys fucking for some reason lol idk

He follows me on twitter so he already wants the puss

Anonymous: oh lol you reblogged a pic of him with a dog. you should listen to his music sometime

I’m just a fake fan who loves dogs

Anonymous: there's a boy who has been in my lang. class for like 3 years, I'm good friends w/ one of his best friends and obviously we've spoken before but nothing special. Recently I realized he's cute & resembles natt wolf so anyway today I spoke to him (I wasn't flirting or anything I literally asked him something) and he was absolutely cold towards me and idk it totally ruined me for some reason, I feel so pathetic why am sulking over this or why did I give so much power over my emotions to a stranger?

..he’s just a rude ass bitch forget about it

Anonymous: What happened to your old drivers license?

I lost it like 5 months ago

Anonymous: Hey


Anonymous: u r the coolest girl ever, u dont give a fuck about what people say, i totally admire that because im such a pussy and ur such a badass wow i love u!!!!!!!

Yesterday I ate a piece of sushi and threw it up whole

Anonymous: I know it says don't ask but I mean in doubt u truly care....r u going to college? Community or like a university? I remember u talking about it

Community because I have no idea what I want to do so why waste time + money

Anonymous: What is your face routine? You have amazing skin. And what foundation thooo?

I haven’t washed my face in like a month because I’m a disgusting greaseball

Anonymous: thoughts on donny getting evicted tonight?

Ya my thought are that ur annoying I didn’t watch it yet..

Anonymous: what do u honestly do most of the time, do u stay home and smoke and chill or do u go out and party a lot

I stay home a lot and chill out and I hang out with Blythe everyday