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Anonymous: what're you doing today on 4/20 ;)

going to my sweet old grandmas house for lunch because I can’t do anything weed related

Anonymous: Did Bryan silva really save your life

of course

Anonymous: Has your mom ever known your high


Anonymous: Girl you gettin fat

are you so bored you just can’t get off my blog lmao

Anonymous: $5.68 for that little ass chocolate bunny if I was your friends I wouldn't have got you shit

it was literally huge and I lost it I have no idea where it went like it disappeared in hella mad

Anonymous: You finally made a snapchat video of you talking and let me tell you lmao you have the most typical white girl voice

wow thanks for the feedback

Anonymous: You know in somebody up there likes me at the end when max's sun opened the suitcase and that girls look changed can you explain what was in the suitcase I don't understand what happened

I’ve watched that movie like 10 times and I wasn’t paying 100% full attention any of those times so I’ve never known what’s going on at all lmao

Anonymous: Are you going to see the other woman or does it look dumb?

definitely not on my list lol

Anonymous: What'd you do today? Your snapchat story looked fun!

I went to my friends hide and we all drank and got really high and got his mom to smoke it was so funny and then I wanted to fuck his brother and didn’t get to and my friend fell asleep and I wasn’t drunk so I went home and got sonic and listened to music and came home so I can sleep lol

Anonymous: Do you like Miley's song love money party?


Anonymous: bitch we wanna follow your private ig wtf

it’s obviously private for a reason I share my pictures all the time on here you can still see them


hot Doritos tacos!!

Anonymous: what is the ratata vine guys username I need it

Bryan silva

Anonymous: What's ur snap chat name??


Anonymous: I saw ur snapchat story and omygod ur so fat?

oh my god no!!!!!!!!!!!