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Anonymous: What's a typical day like for you

Idk they always vary today I made breakfast and wrote an essay and then showered and got weed and went to pick up papers from my manager and now imma smoke a blunt wit Blythe and then go to class at 6:30 and then get out at 9 and I guess ?? Go home and sleep or something probably not

Anonymous: Are you still friends with cheyyane

Yes the other night she “kidnapped” me

Anonymous: What a hard FUCKINg life U have right. Wake up Smoke Eat Sleep Chill Like wtf R u gonna do w UR life U bumscum nim wit. I will pray for u doll

Actually I have a pretty good life right now

Anonymous: You kinda look like the older pot head version of the little girl who played Maleficent

I auditioned for her that’s so weird

Anonymous: ur tweet about puttin ya phone away at concerts was a subtweet to blythe lol

No I saw it on tumblr and tweeted it I’m going to a concert with Blythe you stupid dumb dumb bitch

Anonymous: What u doin today How's ur bath?

It was ok I’m not doing anything today I guess laundry because I have way too much

Imma get REAL high and take a fantastic bath !!!



brother - mac demarco (ripped from vinyl)

take it slowly, brother
let it go

My favorite