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Anonymous: Do you like Lena Dunham or just the stuff she's in ie tiny furniture and girls

I like her I think she really commits to her work and it’s really good outcome I really like other things she’s directed too I like her

Anonymous: What did u do today?

I woke up at this girls house I slept over at last night and then came home and watched girls and took a shower and then went to blythe’s and then I came home and got ready and hung out with my friend justin and then I came home and I’ve been watching big brother and cooking a really unnecessarily large meal for myself right now

I’m going to make brownies and watch movies and answer questions on tumblr so ❗️

Anonymous: Are you Mexican? If you are do you speak Spanish?


madisonnlaur: lmao you were like a weird skinny ass turtle as a kid but damn it was cute as fuck

Fall off your trampoline

Anonymous: The comic isn't even scary....

I know I saw it

Anonymous: hemlock grove, seems like a show u would be into! u should try to watch it if u already dont.

I feel like someone I know is obsessed with that show right now what is it about??

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